Youth Claiming Space

Making Change by Fighting Racism and Building Inclusion

Hosted By: Busingye N.

we are working with 150 youth from black communities in Ottawa City, work to building capacity of these young people to take leadership of their community transformation. Thinking about policies that help black communities, we share ideas for the City budget, we mobilize solution for enterprise and income generation actions and also plant tree for the climate change and bad weather in the city.

Youth involvement in community engagement workshops, the speakers will be focused on interactions leading to getting to know each other. The speakers will be able to explain despite our diverse communities, how much we are similar instead of different. Racism is nothing but ignorance, we should fight it by all means to build a better future for our children.

Identifying community Barriers in finding jobs and social participation. The lectures will discuss the discrimination and labeling that immigrant communities face in Ottawa which creates serious obstacles to employment and other opportunities.

Date :17th Feb/2024 ,  time :1pm to 5pm

Date: March 15 & 21, 2024

Location: 320 Jack Purcell Lane 

People ages 10 to 39 years old.