Triumph over Trials: Programs Promoting Success in BIPOC Communities

Hosted by Patricia C. Machekera (QA Analyst) and Abigail Kawadza (Classy A events & Connect Initiative)

The 2024 Youth Vision Board Event is an opportunity for young ladies from racialized communities aged 13-29 to network and create positive connections. The goal is curate a safe space where we can share our goals/intentions for the year and then translate that onto a physical vision board. This vision board will serve as a reference point for ourselves as the year progresses. Our guest speaker will also talk about how to occupy spaces as black women in Canada that lack diversity and equity. Also, providing useful knowledge on how to transform them to be more inclusive and accessible to other POC and marginalized groups. 

Lindenwoods Community Centre (Winnipeg, MB)

Free event! Food, drinks and vision board materials will be provided. There will be a cute 5D flower wall to take pictures 🙂