Queer South Asians Community Dinner

Hosted By: Arshi S.

Queer South Asians is a Trans-led community group supported by volunteers and mutual aid. Founded in 2015 by Arshi Syed, QSA currently curates diverse community programming to increase access to affirming and culturally relevant spaces for LGBTQ+ South Asians in Toronto

Queer South Asians’ (QSA) community dinner is an experience that enhances community support and belongingness among LGBTQ+ South Asians. The idea of sitting at a dinner table with loved ones is comforting but not always a reality for LGBTQ+ south Asian folks. We often lose families, friends and a sense of belonging when we come out. Searching for chosen families and kinship in the queer spaces that exist in this city becomes a challenge to navigate for those with intersectional identities. At this dinner event, Queer South Asian folks can gather together to experience a wholesome meal, performances and art by local LGBTO+ South Asian artists. The QSA Community Dinner is an opportunity for community members to find belongingness, affirmation and support among folks who are also searching for community connections.

Date: Friday Jan 19, 2024

Testimonials From Event

“The event gave such a sense of belonging. Thank you so much for arranging the event.”
– Anonymous, Community Dinner Guest

“The QSA community dinner brought together many diasporas within this significantly large community, and I believe that many people there, including myself, were in awe of the size and love of our community. We all shared aspects of our individual cultures that intermingled with our queerness and that could be seen in the art, the performances, the food, the volunteers, and the attendees. I would love to see an event like this again.” – Anonymous, Volunteer

“The Queer South Asian community dinner was a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, bringing together individuals with a shared identity in a warm and welcoming environment. The event showcased the strength of community bonds, fostering connections and support among attendees. The organizers deserve applause for creating a space that not only celebrated Queer South Asian culture but also promoted unity and understanding.” – Kamal (he/him), Volunteer

“I loved that the event was in central Toronto making it accessible for everyone from both west and east end and it seemed fairly accessible both by transit and vehicle. Great turn out too!”
– Anonymous, Community Dinner Guest