Our Crib Uncut Media Production Training Program

Hosted By: Alliston D.

Embark on a transformative journey with the “Our Crib Uncut Media Producer Professional Development Program.” Tailored for BIPOC individuals, this initiative offers hands-on mentoring, guiding participants from idea to freelance professionalism. Led by industry experts, the program sharpens skills in film, TV, and digital production, emphasizing diverse voices and industry inclusivity. Topics range from editing and scriptwriting to creating a production call sheet, shot list, and camera operation. Upon graduation, freelancing opportunities with corporate partners await, alongside exposure in our incubator—the televised “Our Crib Uncut” talk show. Join us in shaping cultural, social, and political change while bridging the gap and increasing accessibility to education in the media and entertainment industry.

 Exciting News Alert! 

 UNCUT SUMMIT for Content Creators is launching from Feb 8 to March 23! 

 Join us for a phenomenal lineup of events and free workshops designed to elevate your content creation game. Get ready for unfiltered insights, masterclasses, industry mixers, and more! 

 Save these dates:

Feb 8: An Elle’vated Conversation with @MasterT_official @elledelyon |7 pm – 8 pm| 

Feb 16: Industry Mixer: Photography Edition @lvlupstudiostoronto @tonyxtones @keemsbehindthecam @cordalman @d.itto |7 pm – 11 pm| 

Feb 22: Script 2 Screen: Content Creation for Media Production @PDAglobal |6pm – 7pm| 

Feb 29: Script 2 Screen: Mobile Device Content Creation & Filming @PDAGlobal |6pm – 7:30pm|

March 7: Script 2 Screen: Viral Content Creation @cordalman |6 pm – 7 pm| 

March 14 & 21: UNCUT Pro Consult |6 pm – 7:30 pm| @pdaglobal @cordalman 

March 23: UNCUT Content Creator Summit |12 pm – 4 pm| @mohtohsoh @dreamchildworld @surachie @paul.ab.ohonsi 

March 23: UNCUT Summit Showcase |7 pm – 11 pm| 

Apply to Join the Showcase Link in Bio

Funders: @frontlines.to 

Sponsors: @madewell.productions

Partners: @lvlupstudiostoronto @afrowaveto @pdaglobal @rise_edt

Mark your calendars and let’s dive into the uncut version of content creation together! 

Here is the website link for the summit : https://thesourceto.my.canva.site/uncutsummit