Me & My Mind

Hosted By: Nereah F.

This project aims to bolster BIPOC mental health by providing modules on mental health literacy, physical well-being, emotion regulation, trauma coping, and communication skills. Focused on fostering improved relationships with the mind, it strives to empower individuals within the community for enhanced mental resilience and healthier connections.

MeNMyMind is a comprehensive curriculum designed to promote mental health literacy and well-being within the BIPOC community. It comprises six modules covering topics such as understanding mental health, physical well-being, emotion regulation, effective communication, relationship building, and accessing community support. Each module features interactive sessions aimed at reducing stigma, building resilience, and fostering supportive environments. Through practical exercises and discussions, participants learn to recognize mental health conditions, manage emotions, communicate effectively, and access resources. The curriculum emphasizes holistic approaches to wellness and encourages active engagement to empower individuals and communities.

Free access to resources and modules. Must email to receive access Р

Participants ages 10 to 39 years old.