KBS Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a 60-Day, 10-Days Live (Virtual) Adult Entrepreneurship Program.

Adults over 30 years old or 18 years old who identify with a disability obtain, or Newcomers to Canada actively start and grow their businesses with a solid foundation. We will create viable business plans and help participants navigate entrepreneurship.

We help you create disposable income that will turn into residual income with hard work and determination!

All participants increase their research ability, the ability to set goals and trust their action plans, and in-person activities by way of networking events and masterminds. Participants can increase their customer service, customer retention, and computer skills.

We provide business counselling, accountability partners, and mentorship. We bring in business owners from different backgrounds to give advice and tips to participants.

Graduates of the Entrepreneur Bootcamp receive many benefits, one being the opportunity to win KBS Business Grant Funds. First place will win $500.00, second winner will win $300.00, and third place will win $200.00.

Adults ages 30 to 59 years old