Embracing Somali Wellness Together (ESWT)

Hosted By: Saherla (SMILE Canada)

Embracing Somali Wellness Together (ESWT): A holistic event for Somali Families addressing mental health, disability stigma, and supports. This multigenerational experience includes insightful speakers, food, fun activities, and wellness kits. Our project fosters civic engagement, leadership, and life skills in BIPOC, low-income, and newcomer communities, creating positive connections. Beyond that, we promote Canadian awareness and underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping an inclusive Canada. Join us in empowering families, building bridges, and contributing to a united, diverse nation.

ESWT is a comprehensive event promoting mental health awareness, addressing disability stigma, and supporting Somali families through speakers, activities, and wellness kits, while also fostering civic engagement, life skills, and emphasizing Canadian awareness for a united and inclusive nation! Free Food, activities and fruitful conversation. 

Location:  OBJX, 100 Symes Rd Unit 200a, Toronto, ON M6N 5C9

Free event but must register using this link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QLE1qnP2IsQBK5sFy-ijJEENk1_1ZDUIKB_c1Cuq6I0/edit 

*Space is Limited so register as soon as possible.