Project Bawaajigan

Project Bawaajigan is a youth-led organization dedicated to raising awareness about past and current Indigenous issues, and supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs. What makes us unique? We strive to take an entrepreneurial approach, by partnering with businesses to expose their goods and stories to a wider market. Join us in fighting against injustice and working towards Indigenous reconciliation!

We are supported by Vision Youth Leadership Program’s Social Innovation Academy – who provides us with resources and connections, and are partnered with the Anishnawbe Health Foundation and the Legacy of Hope Foundation


Benefits for joining our team:

  • Be part of a close-knit team of ambitious students
  • Gain leadership and entrepreneurial experience
  • Volunteer hours
  • Create impact to your community
  • Resume Booster


Available Executive Positions

  1. Graphic Designers 
  2. Writers
  3. Outreach Coordinators
  4. Web Developers

*Experience is preferred but not required

*Commitment time: 1-2 hours/week


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