Member, Board of Directors

FoodShare Toronto is looking for people that are interested in helping to guide and shape the future of our work by joining our Board of Directors.

FoodShare is a food justice organization. This means that we are committed to working to identify and dismantle systemic forms of oppression in the food movement. Racialized people and others from equity seeking groups are over-represented in food insecurity and poverty statistics, but are significantly underrepresented in leadership within community-based food organizations. We believe that those most affected by an issue must have access to leadership positions in organizations tasked with challenging poverty and food insecurity. FoodShare strives to create an organization that reflects the diversity of identities and lived experiences that exist within the communities that we work alongside. We are especially interested in prioritizing space for board members with lived experience of poverty, food insecurity and/or who work in low-wage or precarious jobs in the food system.

We are currently recruiting for 3 new volunteer board members

Board members commit to an average of 4-6 hours per month, including attendance at board meetings and providing guidance and support through committee work and other duties. All work is currently remote and remote board membership can be supported should in-person meetings resume. This is an unpaid position.

If you are interested in applying please send us:

  1. A 1-2 page letter indicating the following:
  • Who you are and what connects you to the issues that FoodShare is working on (food insecurity, poverty, racial justice) and your current connection to FoodShare (if any)
  • Whether you are a frontline food systems worker or have been involved in advocacy initiatives
  • Why you are interested in joining FoodShare’s board
  • Your understanding and commitment to food justice, racial justice and equity
  • What you find most compelling about the work that FoodShare does in the community and why
  • Relevant experience and skills you feel that you can contribute to a food justice organization

2. In addition to the letter, please provide a 50-100 word bio.

A resume is not required or expected

Please send your letter and bio to

The deadline for applications is Friday March 25, 2022 at 5:00pm EST.

Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted for online interviews to be scheduled beginning April 11, with successful candidates expected to attend FoodShare’s online Annual General Meeting in the evening on June 8, 2022 (save the date).

To learn more about FoodShare you can visit our website at, take a look at our Strategic Plan 2022-2024, Food Justice Statement, Body Liberation and Fat Acceptance Statement and other resources.

If you require accommodation when navigating the application process, please contact: