Just For You Tutoring

Just For You Tutoring aims to improve the learning and confidence of students grades 1-12 in subjects they find difficult and help them excel in their academic endeavors through various academic services such as peer editing, blogging, and leadership roles.

– Volunteer Tutor
– Volunteer Blogger
– Regional Representative
– Peer-Reviewed Essays Project

Tutor Requirements:
– At least a level A (Ontario Rubric) in the subject they wish to tutor (if you tutor grades below your current grade, the level A requirement applies to your mark in your current grade subject)
– In grades 9-12 or higher
– Should have access to online communication platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets/ or others
– You arrange the time schedule per week with the student and are expected to adhere to a minimum of 2 months commitment
– Remain punctual and adhere to your agreed upon tutoring dates with the student
– No criminal record
– Warm and encouraging attitude
– Commitment of at least 2 months

Peer Reviewed Essays Project:
– Send us your assignments to receive feedback from one of our qualified editors within your requested timeline!! You can send us your essays, short stories, IA’s, EE’s or any kind of writing assignment for any subject! Our editors have a diverse range of background knowledge from various different programs.

– ​We can provide feedback for: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, word choices, flow and context, concision and clarity, identifying awkward phrases, formality, tense consistency, contraction consistency, cutting down content to meet the word limit, proper quote usage and citations, and many more!

Student Blogger:
– Written by our tutors and academically knowledgable students across the world, our blog aims to provide academic advice, insight, personal stories and help to dozens of parents, students, and any individual who wants to improve their academic endeavours. It should be noted however that these are personal experiences from select individuals and should not be seen as generalizable to all.

– Submit to our blog and get 5 volunteer hours per blog (including editing feedback from our editors).

Regional Representative
– 1-3 regional representatives depending on the region/state
– Attend all the meetings with your outreach leads once every 2 weeks
– Reach out to organizations, schools, new stations, libraries.etc. (target audiences are selected as a group with the outreach leads)
– Professionally represent Just For You Tutoring
– Send out emails/other methods of communication with our pre-written templates or you can create your own (with approval from your outreach leads)
– Commit for at least 4 months
– Be familiar with our organization’s core values and long term goals

Benefits of volunteering with Just For You Tutoring:
– LinkedIn endorsement
– Service hours
– Develop leadership and communication skills
– Boost your resume and enhance your university/college applications
– Join a global community of 9K+ youth from 30 countries

How To Apply:
Apply for any of these positions on our website: https://justforyoututoring4.wixsite.com/official-site
Or Instagram: @justforyoututoring