#UAtelier Clone Your Clothing with Shequana

FREE WORKSHOP! Friday June 18. 12PM. Zoom. (Link will be provided on June 17)

Learn how to clone your clothing & create the tools needed to customize your own future designs! Shequana Wheatle will walk us through how to pick the best garments to clone, how to trace them, how to true and grade traced lines, and how to cut/label blocks. Register now and learn how to become your own designer at home!

Supplies needed: rulers, pencils, clothing item of choice – either a shirt or pair of pants, paper large enough for them to trace their items, pins and sewing weights, etc.


About Shequana Wheatle: Shequana is a designer and illustrator that graduated from the Ryerson University Fashion Design program in 2019. The ability to share and collaborate with others is her biggest inspiration and she has since been freelancing to create custom clothing pieces for others and portrait illustrations.

IG: @shequanaa.w