The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES) More Life Skills program

The workshops cover a range of discussions and activities to engage young people to speak about their experiences, their goals and their challenges. We use popular culture as a gateway to information on topics that address risk and protective factors for offending behaviours. Workshop topics include:

1. Identity: Know Yourself

2. You Stressin’ Me Out (Stress Management)

3. I’m Not a Businessman, I’m a Business, Man (Entrepreneurship)

4. Ballin’ – Make It Rain or Save for a Rainy Day? (Financial Literacy)

5. #LifeGoals (Goal setting)

6. Mix Up to Fix Up (Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills)

7. Every day I’m Hustlin’: The Economics of Staying in School (Economics of Staying in School and Transferable Skills)

8. Trigger Fingers to Twitter Fingers (Online Safety)

For more information on the TYES More Life Skills Program, you can contact Cheryl Cornejo, West Quadrant Coordinator at or call her at (437) 688-9437.