Overcomers United Listening Service

Overcomers United is piloting a listening service. Would you like to participate or volunteer?  Please contact us by email at overcomersibg2g.com.

A time to talk and be heard, listen and discuss one-on one with Veronica, an Overcomers United volunteer.

Do you need someone to just listen to you without judgement?

Do you have concerns or ideas that you want to run by someone?

Do you want a second opinion?

Do you feel isolated, alone, and need fellowship?

Please join Veronica for a warm, non-judgemental and supportive conversation.

Please note, this is not a counselling session, it is a listening session.

Veronica is not a mental health professional, or a psychologist or a psychiatrist.  She is offering a friendly ear and voice.

If you are in crisis please Call 911 or Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000

For more information, please email Overcomers United at overcomersibg2g@gmail.com or leave a message with contact information at our website: Overcomersunited.ca