CTYS Community Connect to Chill (C2C)

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that our CTYS Community Connect to Chill (C2C) group is going to be offered online through Zoom for Fall 2020 (specific date and time to be announced).

This online group is an 8-week, peer support and resource building space for youth of all genders, ages 13-18 (youth must be age 17 at the time of intake) who may have: worries; anxieties; struggles with mood; or need support with building wellness.

The C2C group aims to foster connections and community among youth as well as offer opportunities for discussing and resourcing not only complex experiences and feelings surrounding personal wellness and mental health, but also impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic and other current societal contexts.

The program includes art & body based activities, mindfulness and other resourcing strategies to manage health and wellness, as well as a welcome space to connect with other students and decrease isolation through meaningful relationships. Wellness Recovery Action Plans, and elements from DBT, CBT and Mindfulness are used in the curriculum.

  1. Pre-registration and a phone intake are required.
  1. Enrolled youth will receive weekly reminders and encouragement around group attendance.
  2. Self-care and activity packages will be provided to youth
  3. The weekly draws for gift cards are popular with our participants.

If you would like to make a referral or would like more information, please contact Jennifer @ 416-908-6723

Looking forward to your referrals and working with your young people!