School toilet construction Project

School toilet construction ProjectSchool toilet construction Project. We are currently constructing safe water easy toilet blocks in community secondary school Ogbunka to eliminate the practice of open defecation so that kids, especially girls do not miss school and learning opportunities due to disease. The ongoing construction of three toilet blocks is 96% completed.

We need a gift of  $250 for the construction of the soak-away and for completion of the remaining toilet blocks work. Please give a gift to show you care for the needy. Any level of donation would give hope to underprivileged kid’s education in the school.

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In Nigeria, despite the Government’s efforts to put every child in school, the attendance rate is barely 50.5% due to poverty. We believe this statistic should not exist, that is why Helpers Social Development Foundation is working hard to end it. So progress is urgently needed to prosper our people in need.

The overall goal of this project is to move people up the sanitation ladder by promoting safe hygiene and sanitation practices in public schools. Constructing water easy toilets and providing access to water in poor rural communities in Nigeria so that every school kids can stay in school and learn in an environment free from disease.


This school, which has been in existence for over 43 years, has a dilapidated toilet, students and teacher have not used the toilet for over 10 years now.  Construction of this toilet came as a huge relief to the kids, their teachers and school but also to the entire community. We wish to complete the project before and hand it over to Anambra state Government for management before the raining season starts in March in Nigeria.


Project Impact:

Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project.

146 persons are the direct beneficiaries of the project.

135 students: 81 girls and 54 boys.

9 teachers and 2 security men.


Long-Term Impact

These project when completed will increase the enrolment and academic success rate of students. It will provide a safe, healthy and conducive learning environment that will increase the enrollment, retention, and academic success rate of girls and boys in the school.  Please join Helpers Social Development Foundation either by volunteering, partnership or by donation to make a difference. Through our organization, Helpers Social Development Foundation, we have provided educational support to over 531 children in Nigeria. Donate and encourage people to donate to us to complete our ongoing project.  Help to donate and raise $250 to complete our project, by donating more; you are helping us to reach more schools in need in Nigeria.

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Name of the organization implementing the project: Helpers Social Development Foundation


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