Skills for Change Work Insights Event

About the Event:

SfC Work Insights by Skills for Change is a virtual series designed to give participants an insider’s perspective on working in a specific sector or industry. Each session hosts selected panelists from a featured industry who share their professional experience and knowledge, as well as their views on emerging trends in their field.

The Topic:

Positioning Yourself in 2021: Finding your Purpose, Productivity and Growth Mindset

The year 2020 was one of many struggles and it tested our mettle as human beings. Amid the health concerns that we are facing with the pandemic, other pre-existing issues have been further exacerbated and brought forcibly to our attention. Issues such as job insecurity, mental health and lack of productivity sent many searching for answers and purpose.  In this session we will address ways in which you can discover your purpose, be more productive and adopt a growth mindset in 2021.

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